Wet and Wispy Mastery July 26

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What Students Are Saying:

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This was the most inviting training I've ever been to. I feel like you took the time to explain the manual in detail & made sure that I understood everything on every page before continuing thru the manual. Once we got to the eye shape part I felt a little lost but you explained it so simply and the handbook had photos to really show how every eye shape actually looked on real eyes & how you would "fix" the shape to make it most flattering .The mapping section was my favorite part of the manual, I loved how you showed us how to map using the iris of the eye & where to focus our longest/shortest lengths. When it came to model day I was excited, but,I quickly lost faith in my ability to accomplish the set, but you took the time to show me placement & direction and even held my hand(literally ;) ) to demonstrate the pressure on my tweezers! I appreciated that you asked me to remove the lashes that were not with accurate direction/placement & had me re-do them so in the end my set looked beautiful. I am so proud of the set I achieved and it would not have been possible without your direction , patience and passion for teaching. I am truly forever changed as a Lash Artist and I am so grateful to have met you & learned from you. I will definitely be back for more of your trainings in the future! <3333


My biggest takeaways on the training was learning about texture. To be more specific, working with smaller lengths and narrow fans. I usually work with universal fans but Reije corrected my fan making and so far it’s the best technique I’ve been taught! Definitely allows a nice, seamless look on the eyes. I absolutely loved how detailed the manual was!


MY BEST INVESTMENT OF 2023 💫🤍I’ve taken 2 lash courses previously and this has been by far the BEST TRAINING I’ve ever taken. I can’t stress enough how impactful this course has been to elevate and take my sets to the next level. As soon as I walked in the room there was a very inviting and serene energy ✨ I automatically felt welcomed and at peace. Rejie has an incredible personality and has the pacience to be the amazing educator that she is. For me, It’s the small details we went over that really made an huge impact, the manual was very in depth, and she ensures you are understanding every step of the way. She shared some valuable information and tips on running our business the “right way”, and sets the bar for providing excellence. As well as brief content and editing tips. Just being able to spend the day with her and hear her personal story was so inspiring to me, it changed my outlook on my business and she empowered me to continue doing what I love despite the struggles we may face in this industry. Forever grateful to Rejie for all her knowledge and love shown through this training, this was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself and my business. I can proudly say this course has given me the confidence to continue creating a gorgeous wet and wispy set EVERYTIME! Thanks to Rej for being such a humble and incredible mentor, educator, and lash sister 💖💖💖


This was everything and more. From the start I felt welcomed and comfortable. The space you create for your students is indescribable. I loved how you started with “ There is no such thing as a dumb question” that’s the moment I knew I can literally ask anything without judgement. You covered in detail mapping, curls, diameters, and eye shapes. You made sure we absolutely understood the material before moving on. You even went back to basics which was great! (Taping, pads, prepping the client) I appreciated how present you were with your students, how you made every second count for us even during our lunch break. The universe literally aligned this for me! I took it and Ran with it!!! Literally the best thing I could have done was invest in myself with your wet wispy master course ! I learned so much and absolutely cannot wait to create art after this training ♥️ With our kit tweezers were provided. I am in LOVEEEE with these tweezers !!! They are so easy to work with! They grip like no other, your hand works less letting the tweezer do it all! The precision and light weight is just great. I literally feel like these tweezers were specifically customized for my hand 😂 But the color is just flawless, it literally gives me nude/bare/raw/skims vibes😩🤭, I mean who doesn’t love CUTE tweezers that also ACTUALLY work !?!?


$500 deposit now. Remaining balance due at training.

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